Saturday, December 13, 2003

I wish I could figure out how to personalize the look of this page. I just don't get the java/latte/html stuff. In fact, most of this webstuff is totally beyond my grasp. Odd, considering I make my money as a graphic designer. (Not really, considering I don't have a lick of design training.) I'd really like to have a website where I could post my drawings and give a listing of upcoming exhibitions. The only person I'd trust to design me a website is the Queen of Ropes. And, seeing as I don't trust her any more than I trust a seagull, I guess wouldn't trust her to make my website.

Walked to and from the Landmark theatre today to see "Carnage" in the bitter gray cold. Great, great movie. I am totally in love with the little epileptic girl in the movie. She's so amazingly precious. And I mean that in a good way. And the woman who plays Juanita's mom. An unbelievably sexy older woman. However, on both the to and from walks I was amazed by the sheer hostility and aggressiveness just floating around on a Saturday afternoon. All of the curses and horn blats and middle fingers. The Landmark is smack in the cold black heart of Lincoln Park. So I am tempted to attribute the anger to the whole attitude that pervades the denizens of that neighborhood--aggressive, competitive, goal-oriented, proactive young professionals. Ever since my stint with the Lincoln Park Trixie Society, I've been trying to dismantle all of that judgmental crap. But I can't help it. I am better than they are.

Speaking of older women...I've always wanted to have an affair with an older woman. I have two in mind, two in my life right now, that I would love to pounce upon. But they're both married. Not that the Queen wasn't married. But still. She wasn't older either.

Decided to revive the scrapbook today...a year after I stopped doing it. Also decided to make myself post something substantial here a few times a week. Mostly, both are an effort to capture the mundane everyday details that so rapidly slip away...movies I saw, good meals I ate, things I found on the sidewalk, etc. For instance: yesterday left work at noon due to a free half day given to us for the holidays. I took the mythical Purple line to Howard. On a whim, I decided to hop off the train and walk home from there. Howard is a weird street...a little creepy, seems to have been stricken with a touch of the urban blight. Lots of weird little crap stores with handmade signs. Walked straight along Howard to the lake, to Howard Beach...this tiny, steep little patch of sand no wider than a city block. Maybe even half of that size. Spent a few minutes combing the icy beach and collect some utterly sexy ovoid rocks. Continued the walk back, alternating between Sheridan Road and the lakefront when it was accessible to the public. Down Sheridan past Loyola to Edgewater where Sheridan becomes a canyon wedged between high rises of questionable taste. Some of the buildings there have that pastel, wedding-cakey look that's prevalent with a lot of hotel architecture along the southeastern seaboard--the Carolinas, Georgia, Florida. Seems deeply incongruous when it's 20 degrees out and your hands are numb. Stopped off at lunch at Thai Binh, my favorite Vietnamese restaurant. Had some spring rolls and the crispy duck, and finished up this week's New Yorker. Then a slight backtrack to Foremost Liquors for a bottle of voddy and some vermouth for this weekend allotment of gibsons. Then the walk home.

This weekends intake so far: tonight's two vodka gibsons. Nothing to drink last night and I slept a full eight hours. Which is rare for me under any conditions.

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