Thursday, December 11, 2003

It's bright today. Crystalline sunshine and lacerating cold, in the lower 20s. So, of course, I wore my heavy socks today in anticipation of missing the Purple line again and having to stand in the cold. (I missed the train, of course.) At lunch, I went for a walk across the Northwestern campus and had a nice sit by the lake. (I like to look at the young co-ed foreign exchange students.) It's windy today so the lake is choppy. The sediments near the shore are all stirred up creating big (for a lake) latte colored waves which pound the limestone blocks that line the shore. (Man, nothing clears out the bone dome like fifteen or twenty minutes of just staring at the lake in action. Hypnotic. I always feel refreshed after a good wave stare--like I've taken a nap. But without the resulting grogginess. Or the pillow face.) Anyway, I've been back at my desk for the better part or an hour now and, shit, these are some hot socks. I mean, really, they're uncomfortable. It's like my feet are in hell and the rest of me is lounging in purgatory.

No sign of the Lovely Train Crush Girl today. Only six more days, my delicate jar of guava chutney.