Monday, July 26, 2004

Saturday: took apart that entertainment system thing I've been toting around from house to house since 1979; I am not kidding--I went through some old pictures when I was last at mom's and found a picture of me in my Incredible Hulk jammies standing in front of that entertainment system. I mean, I still wear my Hulk jammies but I was a lot smaller in that photo. Clean the floor behind the entertainment system...I hate to admit this but I can't remember the last time I cleaned behind there. I think I did it once several years ago...but I've been living in this apartment since 1998 so it was NASTY behind there. I won't go into the details but it's all clean now.

A quick ride downtown to the Harold Washington Library to check out Zola's Belly of Paris. Then over to Wishbone for a quick Lucy visit--she's so adorable when waitressing. Then off to Zg Gallery to let them know I'm leaving town. I saw some biker get totally pasted by a pickup truck on the bike path just as soon as I arrived at the park; he was faultless--had the right of way, was firmly on the bike path but the truck cut right in front of him and creamed him. He was down, writhing and moaning--no blood or nothing but that truck clocked him good and he was alternately clutching at his right hip and his left hand. The good thing was that at least three people had stopped and called 911 from their cell phones within seconds. I stopped but there wasn't much I could I scooped his bike up out of the road and set it off to the side, right near him. I told him where his bike was and then wished him well---I kind of felt like an ass for just leaving but, really, I couldn't do much else and there was a small crowd there who'd wait with him until the ambulance came.

Saturday night: I watched "They Call Me MISTER Tibbs!", the second in the Sidney Poiter/Virgil Tibbs trilogy. It was a weird movie--very corny. I couldn't tell if the movie just hadn't aged well and, as a result, the dated acting/directing style of the movie made it corny...or if it was just corny at the time and still continues to be corny. There was a lot of acting to the camera which made me uncomfortable. For instance, two characters would be having a conversation and they would address you (the camera) as if you were the other character in the scene. It just didn't work because you couldn't see the reaction of the other, who wants to look at Martin Landau's big beetley eyebrows directly? Speaking of that, Martin Landau was a big ham as a activist preacher, and there was this weird subplot with Tibbs and his son, who he ends up smacking around a bit. Jesus, just a bad movie.

Sunday: Out with Sarah Ford. We were going to eat at Midori on Bryn Mawr but it didn't open until we went across the street to Tofu House, some Korean joint. Had me some good ass chicken soup (too bony, however) and Sarah Ford had some cold, spicy noodles. Afterward, a trip to American Science and Surplus, the last time I'll go, most likely. Stocked up on tiny stoppered vials--100 of those--and three of these little metal display boxes; each boxes contains 20 small metal containers with glass lids.

My goal with the vials: collect something from every place I travel. Something like soil (if it's attractive enough...Southwestern red dirt and whatnot) or pebbles or flowers or insects or sand or whatever. And--for places where I live--I'll try to grab something from a place that has a particular emotional resonance. For Chicago, it would be the breakwater at Montrose that faces the city, the dog beach, the stretch of Ravenswood between Montrose and Berteau where T and I have walked so many times. I possess these places internally, carry them with me in memories...I want to see if I can't somehow bring them along externally, in a pinch of their physical essence as well.

After that Sarah dropped me off back home, I did some more packing and washed T. Around 7:30 or so--I took T out for a walk along that stretch of Ravenswood between Montrose and Berteau. We found a squirrel skull (I think) and she found some foul dead something and tried to eat it. Fucking dog. Then a sit on the deck.

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