Friday, July 09, 2004

Today up to work on the bike. Mellow ride, saw two petrified dead baby birds on the street, smashed by passing cars. Makes me wonder what the mortality rate is if I saw two today. It's a wonder there are any birds at all, those miserable pecking little bastards.

Thin, tattooed guy at the coffee shop today. I like him, he's polite and efficient and there is no chit chat. AND he remembers my order--huge iced coffee with no room. I like that kind of efficiency. He gets my tips every time.

Work crawled by today. But I called to defer my loans for another month until school begins and called my contact for the moving company. So something magically positive came out of the grid.

Bike goes into On The Route again tonight. Same shifting just doesn't want to solidly stay in any of the lighter gears and keeps cycling through, especially when I stand to stroke really hard or go over some rough terrain.

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