Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Okay...Saturday the 14th was brilliant, sunny but cool with no humidity. Dropped in at Zg Gallery to pick up a check for the three drawings they sold. Then a brisk walk along Chicago until a bus came which whisked me to the Blue Line at Milwaukee; I ran down two stairs at a time to catch a train that was just pulling into the station. Train over to Marlene's for a ride to King Bobby's Beach Birthday Party at Montrose Harbor.

Marlene filled a cooler with cooked hotdogs and then filled the cooler with boiling water so the dogs would stay hot until we ate; they were room temperature by the time the enbunned them and decorated them at the beach. (I went back for a second dog and it was cold. But I still ate it because, dammit, one dog is never enough.) Several hours of silliness follow, fueled by the drinking a good deal of sangria. Bobby and his cousin, Elliot, tried to capture sea gulls; then so did Ed a few hours later. By the end of the afternoon, I was drunk, sunburned, and everyone was feeding the remaining picnic food to the gulls. Then Baby gave me a ride home to the cavernous loft. Jennymack came over a few hours later for a final visit.

Sunday, Lucy called me at 8 am. She was set in hummingbird mode: she'd heard back from a prof at the school to which she's applying for grad...and the--the art dept--doesn't place much importance on GREs. And Lucy had been killing herself over studying, the dread of doing poorly on the tests, etc. So, of course, we had to shop. I loafed about on Michigan Avenue just soaking in faces and body-types while she picked through the sales racks. Carmel was over to watch the sunset, then ferry me up to the old place on Ravenswood to pick up me old tv, which I benevolently donated to her.

Monday: Hectic. Up early to work on some branding/identity design stuff for Leah. Then I had to run out for my last coffee with Lisa; heartbreaking because she is really one of my favorite people I've met in Chicago. Just fucking bright and funny and good. Monday night it was dinner with Lucy at Grizzly's: she ostrich burger, me catfish sandwich. Then a final drinking at the Ten Cat where I ran into Ed, his girlfriend Jessica, and other alternative friends.

Man, I just don't feel comfortable with this journal thing yet. I don't write this, normally, and I certainly don't talk like this. I feel like I'm spending too much time just making rote lists of what I did without infusing them with any of the specific memories or excitements of the particular events. Huh

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