Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Full day of work today. Slipped away for a few hours to give a tour at PS 1, a group of early teens. Wow, I don't care much for that demographic. Wow and holy shit. It's like dealing with a pack of rabid bipedal raccoon. (Do raccoons travel in packs?) On one hand, they can't call me on my lax artist historical knowledge; on the other hand, corralling them and moving them from one room to the next is like trying to push a oyster into the coin slot of a parking meter. (Again, thank you Martin Amis! Bah dum dum!) But is was $100 for one hour's work. I can't complain. And there were a few bright, gentle kids in the class that I glommed onto. I know I seem to I play favorites in situations like that but, frankly, I do. Kids with questioning minds should be encouraged and the dull, lazy kids with sludgy thoughts should be pushed aside. Sorry. I feel like a dick for saying that but I only want to work with the bright kids.

Took the 7 from work to the studio. Ostensibly to pick up my bike but, really, to get a few lines down on paper. It felt good, I have to say. To have a large, decent studio mostly to myself. Good. The past four months of relative inactivity has hopefully but the fizz back into my creative soda if you know what I mean.

Home for a few beers and update the goddamn fucking online design portfolio.

Last night, met Kimiko at Markt (?) for some mussels and beer in the late afternoon. Then a walk over to Public for a round of completely remarkable drinks. Handmade, infused stuff with candied fruit and freshly squoze juices and all of that. Fresh mint. Lots and lots of mint on everything. Amazing things. We split the kangaroo on fennel falafel appetizer as well, which was delicious (and small). The decor in Public, too, is remarkable. Everything is perfectly thought out and attenuated right down the long, cylindrical light bulbs. I can't imagine what all that cost. (The bathrooms were amazing too--curving walls tiled with wee glass squares, the color of the bottom of a swimming pool. A word of warning, Public Owners: the votive candle on the lip of the toilet (where it meet the floor) is a nice touch but the more I drank the more I wanted to piss on those candles to put them out. I my aim is true: the bowl and nothing else. I assure you, however, that some drunken douchebag like me (or *me* if I have enough to drink) will take up the challenge to extinguish your flames.)

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