Saturday, July 22, 2006

I've had a lousy run of train luck the past few weeks. I always seem to hit the platform just as a train is pulling away. Happened today in Queens with the 5, then again with the 5. Then again--coming back to Queens--with the 7. Other time, my train luck is flawless, and I leap effortlessly from train to train like an Eskimo skipping across and ice flow. Another 7 train came quickly, however, and I was out at the studio in about 8 minutes. However, the door to the sixth floor was locked and I still don't have a key to that door. So. Nothing done today. I just wanted to drop in and check on the paper.

Yesterday, though, I stretched paper on two (2) full sheets of drywall. Two big drawing in the works and, really, the first time I've done an proper art-based stuff in the studio. So miserably hot in the studios as well. I was leaking sweat. But I brought along the iPod and mini-set of speakers so I had a few hours of music. Another artist, Elizabeth, was wandering the building, thinking of renting a space. We chatted for a bit. I warned her about the square footage issue--we came up something like 200sq. ft. UNDER what they listed. I still think it's a good building however--despite it's hornet colored (brown and yellow) exterior--and encouraged her to move in.

Today was my first Level 1 ASL class. I've spent a year or so learning very informal sign language through Patty and CK. I can fingerspell decently and I've got about 50 or so other signs down. Very odd class. Boring in a sense but also dead silent, all communication taking place via sign. Quiet. Oh, so quiet. Hush.

Patty met me after class. She rode her bike down. I don't know how she does that, with the deafness and all. We went for a quick drink and talked about how frustrating communication is between the deaf world and the hearing world.

A walk home from the studios and a stop at H-Mark for a six pack of Corona. Walk home in the spattering rain and ordered Happy Garden: crispy pork with mixed vegetables (I blanched some broccoli to boost my green intake). I then watched War of the Worlds, which was totally impenetrable. It's funny, though--after reading some Joseph Campbell during the last year--how much Spielberg and Lucas rely on those archetypes.

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