Thursday, July 27, 2006

More work in the studio. Then work in the office. Then back down to the studio. Teddy was in this morning. Hyejin was in when I got there this evening. She left and then Steve came in. All three studiomates in one day.

Someone keeps putting rice out for he pigeons in Negar Alley, the creepy sub-LIE underpass that you must traverse in order to get to the building. I saw, too, the guy who keeps putting out catfood for the stray cats. You think he'd just take the damn things home.

Possible job with some medical blah blah blah. Pay is good but I bet it's a lousy job. I got in for an interview next week. Yeesh.

Time to take a shower. I am bringing a nice cold beer in with me. When I revealed my penchant for beer in the shower to Teddy, he told me it was a very Bury Reynolds move. You know, sipping Coors while lathering the 'stache.

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