Tuesday, July 18, 2006

So hot today. So hot.

Long, paralyzingly boring day at work. Worked on some...stuff. Ah, I don't know. Who gives a fuck?

Walked down to Home Depot during my lunch break and got some masonry bits and some concrete anchors for the wall we're putting up in the studio. Got of the 7 at Hunters Point and was amazed at the number of fellow disembarkers. Where the hell are all of these people going in this neighborhood? There are no house, no apartments around here. I can only assume they're from somewhere deeper in Queens and they drive into this area because the parking might (?) be ample, and then they take the train into Manhattan. Again, who gives a fuck?

The rest of the studio floor is painted. I can almost imagine what it's going to be like to work there. So that's a relief.

Spent the rest of the evening drinking with T's parents and sister. Well, T and I did most of the drinking. It was good to sit in and listen to two adults interact with their parents. I still have a hard time being myself around mom. I enjoyed it. T and his dad smoked stogies and took shots at each other. Mom crawled off to bed and, finally, it was me and T and A. (NOT T&A. I wish, man.) A good time was had by me.

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