Saturday, July 15, 2006

Spent the afternoon at the new studio. Got 20 sheets of drywall delivered from Metropolitan Lumber on Steinway and 35th Ave. The driver was a big burly Jamician guy, long long dreadlocks with little silver beads worked in occasionally like tasteful pearls on a cocktail dress. Super cheerful, super efficient. Drywall was off the truck and in the freight elevator within five. T and I whipped the drywall up to the studio and even managed to put up six sheets before heat exhaustion overtook us. Man, we're hacks. T's a more competent hack that I am: I am functionally useless with tools. However, I am great at holding things up and handing things to T. If this were an episode of M*A*S*H, I'd totally be Hotlips handing Hawkeye his rheostat or whatever. It's a little humiliating. And the worst part is? I don't even have a killer rack like Loretta Switt did back in the day.

The lovely folks from PS1, Gary and Summer, dropped off the eight drawing that were on display there in the spring. Always Stuck with Leaving is finally back with me. I have to say this--and I don't often praise my own work--but that's a damn fine drawing. It's off to Chicago at the end of the month for the September show in Chicago.

Tonight: home for tofu and kimchi. A few beers then I shaved my head for the summer. Not shaved, I guess but buzzed the hell out of it. When longer, it's like a tight, humid afro in this urban summer humidity. I just can't stand it. So now you may observe the contours of my rounded skull. Oh, c'mon. Don't act coy with me: you love it. Don't act like you don't. You also like it with the lights on but that's another story.

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