Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Stupid but smart (but mainly stupid): I cancelled a job interview yesterday. I was for a freelance job, long-term and not in the office. I need full time work and if I secured this job I don't know that I could give this project the time it needed. I would be trying to juggle nine-to-five, plus the studio, plus this project. I feel like a dunce for doing it but I need to just find a job, one design job, and let that pay the bills and keep up the studio routine.

Soooo. I spent most of the daylight hours in the studio. Started a large drawing called, for now, the Crowned Manque. T showed up later and the day with lumber, a massively heavy flatfile, and some other odds and ends. Then we drove the 20 or so block to my house and got the drafting/palette table and the wee chest of drawer I keep my supplies in. Finally, everything is IN the studio. It's just a matter of my getting back into a daily routine.

I took a rough measurement of the studio today and it's a little more that 400 sq. ft. It's the biggest one of the four. I'm attaching a photo of it's current state. (Hey, listen: I effective doubled my rent by taking this thing on so I'm a little obsessed with it, okay? Jesus.)

Found out late last night that the link in my cover letter to my online portfolio was mistyped....which means that every single letter I sent out in the past month (50 or so by guestimation) was tainted by that one major blunder. Perhaps that explains why I've not heard back from a single employer. Nice going douchebag.

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