Sunday, July 30, 2006

Today was good, fine. Just the kind of thing I needed. Up early and down the studio and I spend a long day there.

I took the long way--up Honeywell and over on Skillman (hilly), up over the footbridge and then a long climb up six flight of stairs with the bike. Fuck I was sweating for about 45 minutes after that. I know there will be a time when I can't climb six flights of stair carrying a heavy mountain bike so I attempt to "enjoy" these moments when I can.

I spent about five hours in the studio, just painting little leaves over and over and over, trying to get Charlie's Foliage Coat juuust right. Not perfect but it will do.

I haven't been able to do this since I moved out of Chicago: play the music loud, work uninterrupted for a long stretch of time, and just settle into my brain and let thoughts move out under their own volition. The studio always had some kind of limitation: either you couldn't play the music, or someone would come over and eat shitty Chinese food in your studio and chat, or someone would show up with beer and pretzels and you could just forget about working then. This is studio is so good, such a luxury. This is fantastic.

I wish I had a better grasp on my practice. It seems like I am reinventing the wheel each time I sit down to do a drawing. There's got to be some easier way to codify my practice and lock into some larger structure that will allow the drawings to flow. Maybe in ten years.

After the studio, a bike ride back to the apartment (I only had to carry the bike up four flights here) and out the grocery for a week's worth of sundries. Got some pale rich mozzerella, fresh basil and some small tight vine tomatoes for caprese salad. So good. So goddamn good. Some beer, a Simpsons rerun and a cool shower before I send myself off to bed.

(Oh, I heard a cicada droning away through my roommate's window. Man, those things remind me of summers in Indiana as a kid. And how we didn't have AC for so many years and how we'd have to throw open all of the door and windows. In the afternoon, that metallic drone would come in the house from all openings.)

(Yes, in my best Burt Reynolds style, I took a beer into the shower with me.)

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