Thursday, August 31, 2006

A few hours in the studio this morning before an afternoon at work: productive. Teddy and I crossed paths briefly before I left. He ate a fat sandwich married to some Cheetoes. As always, we talked about stuff and it was good.

Work: nothing. I read a book and touched up a document here and there. It was the last day for our intern, Sharon, so cake and chocolate was involved. She was good and sweet, a positive presence in an otherwise uninteresting place. I will miss her in my own quiet way.

After work: back down to the studio and a solid four hours of working. Stopped at the Polish Bar for the beer-carryout special and was startled by the presence of women patrons in the bar, one of whom was quite attractive. As I clutched my brown-paper wrapped seven-pack, I stormed though the door to the jukebox sounds of either Iron Maiden or Megadeth. I couldn't tell which and, frankly, was proud of my inability to do so. At the studio, I added more blackbirds and Root Babies. And listened to some music, of course: worked through E.S.P., the first album by the second great Miles Davis quintet. A little tentative but still great. I can't tell you how much I love having the luxury to really tuck into an album or three now, and finally have the volume loud enough to fill the space and make the music a physical presence. Tried to get through Weather Report's "Mysterious Traveler" with not much success. The rest of the time was give over to the Shuffle which revealed nothing spectacular.

Left the studio around 10:30; passed through Negar Alley with no problem. Shot up 21rst to the E/V stop and hopped on the train. Home and inside within 20 minutes.

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