Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The heat is crushing. That's all I can say. It's enough to pulverize the bones.

Didn't even leave the house yesterday until 6 pm. Spent much of it inside, updating resume and searching for job. Also playing some stupid Ben 10 games on the Cartoon Network website. (Not crazy about the cartoon itself but I like the idea and some of the heroes. Also, I've been developing a taste for the Avatar: The Last Airbender toon. A lot of imagination and style. Visually sumptuous. But, then again, I've always been a sucker for that fantasy epic-type stuff. I wonder why that stuff appeals so strongly to kids, the idea of possessing so much power? Is it a natural result of being a kid and, hence, relatively powerless that these scenarios--kids with superpowers--appeal? It's amazing how deeply those ideas cleave to the core of my imagination. I wish I could conjure up a light saber or some adamantium claws at least once a day. *SNICKT* Take that Asian guy clipping your fingernails on the train!!)

But I digress. I managed to work up some Root Baby sketches to the planned "Leon" drawing in the air-conditioned comfort of my room. Napped for 30 minutes before returning to the heat of the computer room to resume updating and searching (and smashing robots.) I left the house to attend a screening of "By The People" a documentary about the 2004 elections filmed in my morbidly obese hometown in Indianapolis, Indiana by a former NCHS classmate Malindi Fickle. ( I met Heather there just a few minutes before showtime at the Village East Theaters. We made our way downstairs in into a severely under air-conditioned theatre. The movie was an interesting insight into the difficulties face by voter boards but I have to admit I found it dull at times; less a fault of the filmmakers and more due to being forced to view a large, working population of my fellow Hoosiers and that always make me squirm a little. (I left that town for a reason.)

Afterwards, Heather and I got Thai food nearby. She got the curry noodles and I got the basil tofu and a Singha. (I don't know what it is but the tofu's really got a grip on me. I am eating it daily.) We caught up. I haven't really seen Heather in about six months. Nice. There was a guy sitting near us in the restaurant, a white guy, khaki pants and ice blue shirt with gelled up hair and a soulpatch. He was with a slender attractive brown-skinned girl (I would say woman but she seemed more a girl) who appeared to be about a decade younger. Soulpatch kept taking calls on his cellphone; when he was finished with the call, he'd drape himself luxuriously across his and the surrounding chairs and unleash his oily charms on his date. He even managed to wipe his oiliness on the waitress when she's flit in to whisk away empty dishes and refill waterglasses. The date seemed unresponsive and bored, not quite buying the charms of Soulpatch. But perhaps I just wanted to see it that way.

Okay, I'm going to try the studio today and at least get some basics down for "Leon". Then to work. Aw, Christ.

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