Monday, August 28, 2006

So the Bad Plus has a blog that I read occasionally. Okay, I drop in every day. The pianist listed some of his favorite albums from 1973-1990; in the list he mentioned a recording of Dewey Redman--a well-known (amongst nerds) tenor saxophonist--playing a "burning" alto saxophone solo on one album, and went on to say that it was his only recording on alto. I wrote back and gently reminded him that Redman also played alto on "Gypsy Moth," a song from an early Keith Jarrett recording. So he updated the list and gave me credit under the "Open the Gate" posting.

My thirty seconds of web-based jazz nerd fame.

I knew this knowledge of obscure stuff would serve me well someday. I should start my own blog...

Now. Where is my Dungeon Master's Guide...?

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