Saturday, August 26, 2006

Spent the day with Patty to distract her from the upcoming exam tomorrow. Saw Almodovar's All About My Mother. Good. I think it was a piece of fiction written by the son but there is no way to tell. Lunch at some cheap empanada place on 9th at 52th. Back to her place for a nap. Then a few beers while watching watching a pan-and-scan, heavily edited The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. On the R by back here by 11:30. Gin and tonic and a head shave in the bathtub.

Managed to pull out of the sour mood of the previous few weeks. Anxiety is there, still, but not manifesting itself in the same way and suddenly people don't seem like something I need to spent so much energy to avoid. Also, I am finding that the little details of daily stuff are racking up quite the same way they were a few months ago. Don't know how to explain this shifting mood and observational acuity. They don't seem to be related in any way. I'll probably stick with short notes like this and the posting of photos until THIS passes.

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