Thursday, September 21, 2006

Back after six days away: three in Chicago and and an equal number in Indianapolis. As we flew in this afternoon, I thought I would outsmart the pilot during the approach. For some reason, I ALWAYS get a window seat on the left side of the plane and, more often than not, we approach with Manhattan on our right, the plane centered on the Hudson. (Yeah, I am sure I should be saying port and starbucks or whatever, but I am a landlubber. One who lubs land. I lub the hell out of it.)

This time, as we approached and I could see Manhattan, I unbuckled and slid out and across the aisle. (The flight was barely half full.) Gotcha muthafucka! Just try and slip Manhattan by my now, Jack. I wanted to see if I could see the studio because at night I can see the planes lining up for the approach to LaGuardia. However, my now-right hand (or "starbucks" side) view allowed me an excellent view of...Brooklyn and Long Island. Manhattan slid by on the left. I mean, I can't complain: any view from a plane is tits but it wasn't the pair of tits I wanted.

Back on the ground (the scary approach that always looks like you're about the land in the water), in terminal to the luggage carousel. Bag grabbed and slide-y handle deployed. Walk to the taxi line and only a three minute wait. Terse cabbie and a flawless ride to the apartment. Up the stairs: unpack. Then a trip to refresh the groceries.

I am trying to suss out when a trip to the studio would be in order. I should dive right back in but I like the idea of giving myself ten days or so away from the place. Tonight, Patty is coming over for some beer and Mythbusters. Maybe we'll go get a roasted chicken or something.

I need a day or two to think about Chicago and Indianapolis.

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