Sunday, September 10, 2006

In the studio all weekend. I love it. Goddamn it, I love it.

Saturday was warm and humid...but not a summer warm and humid. Rather, an Indian Summer kind of heat. It's the kind of 80 degree heat that falls in early October, the kind of weather that would prompt me and T and take a walk around Eagle Creek back when we lived in Indianapolis. The kind of day that makes you scramble out of the house before the fall nastiness sets in. Solid six hours of work. Teddy came in for the last few hours. Patty met me at the studio around 7. We had a beer on the roof and left. Took the train over to 36th Ave. Got off and walked along a remarkable lively street to Arkham Thai. (I love a Thai place named after a town in Lovecraft literature.)

Sunday. Rachael came by early to pick out some work for a show in Michigan. Afraid I don't have much to offer: most of the recent work is promised elsewhere and I'm not prolific enough to have new stuff. Steve came in shortly thereafter to drop off his bike and head to a bar Uptown to watch the Browns game. I spent the afternoon working on Rootbabies, blackbirds and leaves. Dropped a bruised sky into the Foliage Coat drawing. Glad to get that thing over with: it's been lingering on the drawing board since mid-May.

Took a break at 3 pm. Skies had grown gray and moody. Walked over to LIC proper. Along the way I ran into an old guy, grizzled, unshaved, watery-blue eyes...looked like an old longshoreman: black pants, grimy high-neck heavy blue sweater. Wanted some change for a buttered roll (strange that he asked from something so specific.) I gave him a handful of change from my bag, fed the coins into a cupped palm with fingers topped by nails grown to yellowed talons. Fetched a six pack of Anchor Steam, some crackers and a prim block of smoked cheddar. Sat on the loveseat near the window and snack while working on the last of the Gygax books (it's a painful read.) Noticed as unusual number of monarch butterflies in the skies at that time. I'd see two or three a minute, in fact more monarchs that birds. Very odd for the industrial neighborhood. I assumed they were migrating but more that a few seemed to be intent on chase each other around. Mating? Who can tell. Went on the roof to see if I could notice more: not such luck to the view was lovely, as always. Paced east and west and north. Can't believe the good fortune I have to work in the building.

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