Saturday, September 02, 2006

It's been gray for the past week. Cool and gray. It's a decent break from the heat of the rest of the summer but enough already.

Yesterday: Slept late and it felt good. Up to putter around. I ordered a CD of bird calls from Amazon and it arrived yesterday. Man, it's all kinds of fucked up. The track listings are all wrong. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I only know about six bird calls and was able to correctly rename the tracks I needed--red-winged blackbird (obviously), cardinal, robin, etc. Got them loaded onto the iPod and ready for play at the studio.

I'm interesting in playing the calls of birds I learned as a kid in Indiana, particularly while I am working. Things like this, these bird calls, are in a way more like smells in the effect that have of instantly cutting through time and memory. You know what I mean? There are certain smells--orange blossoms, damp concrete, that yellow smell you get from roadside weeds in the high summer--for me that cut through all the strata of clutter, analyzation and "sophistication" that I've gained over the years. (The taste of raw almonds has the same effect.) I don't feel sentimental when I experience these moment but it is pleasurable, like a wee memory orgasm: a flash of white, the mind is filled with one particular sensation for a second or two, and then the world slowly un-dissolves into solidity again.

Saw Descent with Heather yesterday afternoon. Really bad movie. Plot: a bunch of hot women go spelunking in North Carolina, get lost, and have to find their way out all while being attacked by Gollum's nastier, strictly carnivorous older brothers. (Oh, and one sister with pale, glistentening, fish-white knockers.) Just a remarkably stupid movie.

Heather came along to Utrecht so I could get some new, fine brushes: the old ones are getting ratty. The she came with me over to the studio for a chat and a visit to the roof. Then over to Broadway in Astoria for a meal at Viva El Mariachi. Cesina was delicious.

Today, again, promised to be cold and cloud-lousy, rainy and windy. So a long sojourn in the studio.

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