Sunday, September 03, 2006

Long day at the studio yesterday: eight hours. More Root Babies and blackbirds. Still, with all the time there, I felt like I didn't accomplish much. No music jumped off the playlist at me.

The remains of Ernesto roughed up the day. Cool and gray and rainy--just like the previous week. However, a new element was added: wind. Gusty all day. Spent more than a few moments watching the sheets of drizzle blow past the window. The vets at the residence center across the street still kept the music going and there were always a handful of dudes outside, parked under the awning in the exercise yard.

After the studio, a stop at Teddy's to check out Colby's party. Some beer and some tequila, a handful of chips. Talked to some pretty pretty girls. Very young. So.

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