Thursday, September 07, 2006

Such a long frustrating day at work. I'll leave it at that. There are times when I think my "career" choice of graphic designer is just as majestically flawed as my decision to be an artist. Jeebus.

I met Jung after work for a Korean dinner just down the block from work. Very very tasty. Gleaming white bowls filled with steaming piles of seafood, smokey transparent noodles, rice and pickled vegetables. I don't know the names of the dishes but I know the tastes well: I've had them all before. With full bellies, we walked down to Madison Square Park. The U.S. Open was being televised on a huge screen at the northern end of the park (the temporary poles-and-canvas screen erected right over some black, sheen-y war (I'm assuming) memorial, the place I normally park my ass and people watch with the iPod.) Jung and I walked a few dozen yard south of that and found an open bench. We spent the next few hour chatting is an odd elliptical fashion. We weren't focused but the talk was honest. It was endearing and I was fond of the experience; I found a small part of an unpredatory and unposioned (and, hence, unused) part of my brain coming to life. We walked down 23rd afterward; I got on the V at 6th, and Jung continued on to the 1 on 7th.

Last night: the Dark Matter opening at some gallery in Soho. Didn't even bother to take a look at the work, which was profoundly lame on my part. Got stuck in the room just past the entrance and stayed there, chatting to anyone familiar who came within reach. I could only manage to fish one can of MGD out of the ice-crusted trash can before it was gone.

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