Thursday, September 07, 2006

This job: why do I keep it? Ah, yes. I need to pay rent. And they're flexible with my schedule. And I feel the mighty foreboding of the 6 ton black Acme safe of impending student loans swaying over me on a fraying rope. So. Keep it I will.

Uneventful day otherwise. Walked up 5th to get the the 7 stop at Bryant Park and was amazed by the quality of the late day light. Thick and butter-and-honey colored, slathered all over the building, street and attractive post-work professional women walking the avenue.

At the studio: three solid hours of blackbirds. A new neighbor, Neil, from down the hall came over to introduce himself and borrow some scissors. (I bet I never see those blue-handled babies again...and after I went to the trouble of stealing them from Gallery 37 back in '02.) iPod on shuffle with everything going well until one of my favorite Keith Jarrett tunes popped up, Gypsy Moth. Listened to that twice (as loud as possible) and then click-wheeled my way into the first Jarrett "American Quintet" boxset and settled of the second live Fort Yawuh disc. (I think it's appropriate since Dewey Redman died over the weekend.) Man, what a smoking band live. Right on the edge of noise and abstraction but never losing sight of the melody and some sense of form. Everything late Coltrane wanted to be but couldn't. I feel a itchy Keith Jarrett jag coming on for the next week of so.

Just starting the last of the Gary "Mr. D & D" Gygax novels. The start off strong...and then lose any sense of drama or, well, anything compelling. Certainly, the guy has a vast imagination; in fact, (yes I am a total fucking nerd) I'd say the guy is about 65% responsible for my being an artist. Anyway, the last novel should go down quickly and then I can return to the heady, effete literature I normally consume: Encyclopedia Brown.

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