Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The weather has finally become fall-like, bright and sunny but coolish. You can still wear shorts but you'd better take another layer with your just in case. Today: my first wearing of a jacket in I don't know how long. Oh, it's a light jacket but I'm getting ready for the colder stuff.

I sleep heavily and almost perfectly in this kind of weather. Wrap myself up in blankets and plunge deep. This kind of experience only seems to happen during the transition from summer to fall. Finally I can sleep without the AC thumping on and off in cycles throughout the night, the buzzing and rattlling and clicking of the same, and the sticky flypaper sunlight peeking in so early in morning. The dreams are odd, too, filled with warping bizarre imagery. Last night it was black ducks with greasy elastic bodies extruding themselves out of the dark pewter boles of beech trees. It's difficult to shake off sleep on night like this. The alarm just isn't impetus enough to rise. But once I acclimate to this weather, I'm back to the lousy patchy sleep I normally get.

Yesterday. Slept late and heavily (see previous.) Up and sat at the computer to watch the Flash Gordon dvd. It's a pretty bad movie but, in a sense, good. It's very knowingly campy. However, everyone seems to understand this except Flash himself, Sam J. Jones. Everyone is walking around chewing up the scenery and Sam J. is just kind of a jock in a math class for advanced kids, seemingly sincerely trying to do the best he can. And I think this was the peak of his career, too. I recall a few terrible cop movies he made in the late 80/early 90 when his bulk had run from muscle to flab. Poor dude.

The costumes and sets for Flash Gordon are over the top: saturated color, brocades, beads, tassels, friezes, diases, sculptures and moving walkways. The sets--and, in a sense, the orchestral score--remind me of those gladiatory/Sinbad/Harryhausen epic films from the 60s. And the Queen soundtrack? It's perfectly awful. Everything about the movie locks together like a horrible, tacky puzzle. I don't want to love it but I can't help it. And I watched it so many times as a kid and I'd almost say that I know the dialogue and music cues better than any of the Star Wars trilogies. Yikes.

After Flash, I rode into Manhattan to get a roll of Arches paper, 156lb hot press. This is the first time I've actually purchases this kind of paper. I've used it before but that was a hand me down from the guy, Morgan, who had the studio next to mine at SVA. Bought two brushes--a 00 and a 000--because my old ones were getting ratty and tattered. Back on the 7 to the studio. Slice up the old print making paper I'd stretched: hope to use that for something else. Removed all of the 100s of staples used to affix that paper to the drywall and stretched the new paper. Quick process, but awkward and not something I can rush through. Set the fan up to up dry the paper and dedicated 40 minutes to hammering out more leaves of the Foliage Coat but it's almost finished. I didn't like that drawing for the longest time but now it's tightening up and I'm growing fond of it.

When I finished, I climbed the stairs to the roof to find access gloriously restored. Home to some cecina tacos and beer.

This morning: another sluggish, logy start. Full day of work. Nothing to mention. Madison Square Park for lunch, the current favorite again: squid with rice rolls. Tried to set up a job interview with a woman named Michael (?!) but I'm going out of town for the Boyle show; she told me to try again next week.

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