Sunday, December 16, 2007

In the house all day yesterday except when I went out for a slice around 10pm. Plenty of homes in Astoria over-decorated for the holidays.

Old untitled drawing from 2001, part of the drawings I completed for the Married to the Sea exhibition at ARC Gallery. (Notice they misspelled Silas in the press release as "Dilas." Always professional, the ARC.)

As I mentioned in the last post, I was out of work at the time (this jpeg is dated 10/09/01); the company I worked for arranged conferences all over the country and--in the weeks after 9/11--no one was willing to travel. So business fell off precipitously and I was canned in less than a month of the attacks. (I knew it was coming and had started quietly packing my cube about a week after 9/11.) When the news finally came, I was both relieved and a bit shell-shocked. The job was complete ass but the money was comforting. So I was feeling both liberated and trapped at the same time, one burden traded for another. That's where the imagery came from. I was pretty unsubtle at the time. (Still am.)

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