Saturday, December 15, 2007

Transfered about a dozen old journal entries from another site to this site. Stuff from 2004 in the months leading up to the move here and a few opaque entries from the first year in grad school. I tried to match the entries with images of work from approximately that time. Which lead me to dig through the archives of digital images I've got on this machine. Holy shit is there a lot of stuff. I think I'll post a few old images a day.

This fella here is Silas. I did a lot of drawings with him as the protagonist. (The evolution is as follows: Schlub > Silas > Popular Charlie. Seems I can't do anything without a central character.)

I was thinking about tossing Silas at this time. I was kind of annoyed by his cartoonishness and by the whole autobiographical nature of the work. I was also trying to create drawings that few very much like comic pages, panels with text. The first image comes from that failed panel-filled drawing. The second is a larger drawing that I built out of that small panel. I think this might be the last appearance of Silas--Spring 2002, I'm guessing. I thought this would be fitting end for him: to paint himself blue, leap into the sky and simply disappear. Of course, right around this time a proto-version of Charlie appeared. But I started on the Plague Idiot drawings right after this and left Charlie to ferment.

(I don't know what happened to this drawing; it might be packed up in the closet somewhere but I don't recall seeing it when I unearthed the old stuff over the summer.)

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Joseph Merideth said...

decided to comment*stop*
starting animation on sgf after first of year*stop*
must tell you my story of a trip to queens recently*stop*
tried to imagine where you were*stop*