Saturday, December 29, 2007

Two small details from the House of Butter drawing.

The "nail in the skull" is a line from William Carlos William's book-long poem, Patterson. But see what I'm talking about? That drawing was filled with sentiments like that. Lighten up, Tibor.

Got up early today, stocked the pantry with groceries and then spent the rest of the morning watching Super Inframan. I vaguely recalling seeing this movie as a kid, at a drive-in I think. Thoroughly corny Chinese martial arts robot vs. monsters (men in rubber suits) movie. I don't remember much about the plot...eight or nine goofy monsters and the evil Princess Dragon Mom are awakened from their Ice Age slumber and they try to take over the world. Etc. It was bad but funny bad, very entertaining. My favorite monster in Super Inframan? All of them. (Don't forget to check out both pages.)

(Okay, I'm partial to Plant Monster.)

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