Thursday, December 25, 2008

Nine hours in the studio today. Some work done. I packed in a lunch--homemade lentils, an orange and two Guinesses. A real Christmas feast. I also watched most of Two-Lane Blacktop.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Went to Eve's place in Bushwick for a holiday brunch. A few bloody marys and a few delicious oatmeal cookies later, I slipped out into the slushy, sunny cold and walked to the studio. I saw one misspelled sign in Greenpoint (or a sign spelled by someone who doesn't care for using a capital L) and a V of geese headed west.
About four hours of drawing and a walk back to the apartment on the slush turned to treacherous ice.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I'm off for the rest of the year: unused vacation days that I can't carry over. I can't really afford to go anywhere so I'm going to take care of a long list of things that I've been ignoring for months now. I'd like to get a good chunk of the drawing below underway by the end of the year. Maybe I can finish it? (Don't get cocky, kid.)

Three hour Harveytoons marathon last night with Dorothy. Cecina tacos, chips and beer. Just about perfect.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Something new, the beginning of a bigger drawing. I'll probably end up cutting into pieces in a few weeks to salvage the interesting parts.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ah, well. Why work when everything else is a hundred percent more interesting? Just no motivation. Lazy.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Okay. I've got to get off my ass and start making some work. I'm just being lazy now. I'm so lazy that I opted to watched He-Man and the Masters of the Universe cartoons (awful, really awful) for an hour before squeezing out a little sketch. I've edged into the mushy territory where I'm waiting for the drawing ideas to just plop onto the board fully formed. Never works that way and I never seem to learn that. I was too lazy even to go up on the roof for the traditional sunset photos. These were taken from the window.

Thanksgiving: took the Harlem Line--my old White Plains source of bleary-eyed misery--out to my an early (and third annual) dinner at the Kurtzman Compound with Nellie, Adele, Doris and Meredith. Turkey, sprouts, sweet potato mash and a butterscotch cake with a bourbon sauce and a scoop of Guinness ice cream. Then back into the city to Kimiko's for hot buttered rum, chocolate chip cookies and general blather about fonts and Bangkok. I didn't leave until after midnight. Amy walked me (okay, we walked each other) to Union Square for an interminable wait for the N; I watched the guys powerwash the station with long-nozzled guns--it smelled like a swimming pool down there. (Normally it just smells like pee and body funk.) Off at 36th Avenue, walked past Vikingo's Dungeon (closed--damn!) and down 35th Street where a dozen cop cars lined the street while several streaked by on the avenues. Saw the police helicopter and its searchlight wanding through the distant blocks. Bed.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Did you think I was joking about a stuffed viking lurking inside the front door of Astoria's own Vikingo's Dungeon. Think again, my friend. Think again. I captured this while walking home from work. There was a guy in a Yankees cap carting cases of liquor inside as I passed by. I pretended to dick around with my phone until he disappeared inside then I whipped out the camera and captured this photo ninja-style. (Sorry to mix my warrior classes.)

Photo of the sunset from the office stairwell.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Photo of an idle studio below. 

Walked over to the place around 4 and did nothing but sip bourbon (eh. I prefer Woodford Reserve) and watch dvds: disc 1 of the 78 disc Ken Burns's The Civil War and Spielberg's Munich. Then a walk home around ten or so.

I did pass the smoldering remains of a fire at an office building/warehouse on the way to the studio--a half dozen trucks, scores of fire fighters, a few cops closing down connecting streets and lots of busted out windows and soggy, charred cardboard boxes and wooden palates. I smelled it from blocks away. I walked by this building again. There was still one truck on sight and a few fire guys wandering around. Man, it stank. That's gotta suck, too, for all the other tenants in the building. I've always had that fear--not that my apartment/studio is going to catch fire but that someone else's space goes up and I'll have to deal with smoke and water damage and that acrid stink.

Astoria's own Vikingo's Dungeon was open (and empty) last night when I walked by. There was a doorman (!) so I asked him what kind of place this was--a restaurant, a nightclub, what? He told me it was "more of a lunch place." What kind of lunch place is open at night and has a doorman? I walk by it every day on my way home for lunch--five days a week, mind you--and it's never open for lunch. Thing is? There is no menu outside, the door is wood (as opposed to glass--well, you can see for yourself) and the windows are covered with this weird, translucent fake-stained-glass-window decals--it couldn't be less inviting. Maybe the doorman took a look at my shabby studio dress and smelled the Buffalo Trace on my breath and wanted to discourage me from coming in and ordering a whole haunch of roast goat and a urinal-sized tankard of honeyed mead. And he's lucky I didn't come in because I had my +3 falchion and poison poignard adangle from my belt--a belt woven from wizard's beards, incidentally--and I was ready to roll some d20s, I tell you. -4 to saving throws for all involved.

I just don' t get it. Oh, Vikingo's Dungeon--will you ever reveal your secrets? (Incidentally, the doorman was not dressed as a viking(o).)

(Also: not to keep harping on this, I peeked in through Vikingo's windows (near-rhyme) the other day and saw that it had a large table running down the center of the room--I guess it's supposed to be a king's dining board or something. But it's set really high--like Applebee's barroom table high, the kind of high that requires you perch on a tall stool to use the surface appropriately.)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Not sure what this is all about. Just trying to feel my way into something new. I'm tired of the chaos and the kitchen sink approach that produce the Ape Machine drawings. Tired of sci-fi/Japanese monster movie/D&D aesthetic. Tired of Popular Charlie and Sometimes Girlfriend. I'd like to work a little more with landscape since it a huge weakness of mine. (I can't even draw a tree with leaves on it. Go back and take a look. All of my trees are bare.) So it make take a ton of mediocre drawing to find something different. Hence, tiny drawings easily completed in a day or two.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Working Small. Don't really know what's going on here. Hoping something will fall into place.

(CK the top image with the cellphone is to give you an idea of scale.)