Sunday, January 27, 2008

Ah. Trying to let the drawing draw itself. And it is. I'm overflowing with impatience, however.

Today: three egg soft scramble for breakfast. Made the mistake of trying veggie bacon. Awful. Not sure what I was thinking with that; perhaps only that the veggie bacon would clean up easier than the real thing. Finished up the collection of Winsor McCay animations from Netflix. I've loved McCay since I first stumbled upon a Little Nemo collection from Half-Price Books back in Indianapolis the summer before I moved up to Chicago. This is my first prolonged exposure to his animations. Amazing stuff. Clumsy, sure, and perhaps a little to long in some places--they clearly ran the film backwards and forwards in many instances for comedic effect (and most likely to extend the length of the cartoon.) Flaws aside, the animations have a fantastic life-like quality in the motions. Sure sign of an observant draughtsman. Loved it.

The usual walk to the studio along Northern Blvd to Jackson.

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