Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Bell Knight, a small yet detailed study for the Plague Idiots. If I'm not mistaken, Erin Thorne owns this mutha.

Usual work routine today. However, I managed to get something resembling a full night's sleep so I wasn't wrapped in so much wooly obfuscation.The day started off warm and drizzly, and was bright and windy as hell--with a considerable drop in temperature--by 1 pm. The day has lengthened enough now that the sun still illuminates the sky for most of the commute back to Grand Central. Which means I'm off the reading and on to the music--and staring out the window--again.

No studio again tonight. I split a half-carafe of wine at a Vernon Blvd wine bar with a friend from work--a fellow Queensian--and nibbled a bit of epoisse and morbier. (The taste of those cheeses threw me immediately back sent me back a decade to my 3 year anguished tenure at Sam's Wines and Spirits while pushing through undergrad in Chicago. They had a cheese shop back then and that's where I used to work. Or, rather, that's the place I used to hide from the customers and read in the back room.) Anyway, after the wine (which tasted exactly like WINE to my accomplished palate ) we walked down a few doors to Tournesol and some braised lamb and seared skate. The food was great but our waitress was a bit severe. Well, severe in the sense that she was rude and abrasive but didn't quite cross the line. Home for a few episodes of Ultraman (worst theme song EVER.)

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