Thursday, January 24, 2008

I remember spending a month of so out in Palm Springs, CA with my parents; my grandma and aunt lived out there. This was back in 1975-76. I also remember bugging the shit out of my parents about endlessly going to 7-11 to collect these Slurpee monster cup. I don't think I even liked Slurpees...frozen coke? Are you kidding me? I just wanted the cool monster cups. I'm not positive but I think I got the entire series, maybe eighteen altogether. I can't remember.

I used these cups, too, in every day life for quite sometime. A few of them the lost over the years, cracked, dropped and broken, or just too gross for beverage use. The remaining cups were eventually retired and I kept in them stack up on a shelf in my bedroom for years. They made the move with me to Chicago and--once I set up my first studio in my apartment back in 1996 or so--they came back into use as studio items: they held clips, pen nibs, brushes, pencils, etc. In fact, I still use two of them to hold the fresh water for painting. And there are a few more scattered around the studio, still holding various bits of loose junk. Of the ten or so remaining, none are in good shape--the colors have faded, the lettering is chipped off, they're all scuffed and scratched from years of dishwasher muggings and stacking and restacking.

I decided to see if I could replace them via eBay. Attached is my first purchase.

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