Monday, January 28, 2008

No studio today. Work: White Plains. Very little sleep last night, last night being a Sunday and Sunday has forever been my Night of Poor To No Sleep. This dates back to grade school. This Sunday night/Monday morning sleeplessness is due to the anxiety of The Week Ahead. If I have to work, or attend school, etc. Doesn't matter what. I'm not going to sleep well on a Sunday night. I hate it.

Lisa was in town. I met her and Anaheed at the Westside Tavern. (Or Bar. Or whatever.) A few drinks were had by all. Then a walk over to Bombay Talkie on 20 something and 9th. (Why do all restaurant websites make you listen to shitty lounge music? I don't understand.) Anaheed paid for my food. She lost a bet over the summer and that bet was a meal at Talkie. I ate like a king. And then Anaheed tried to bite off my thumb. Crazy bitch.

Seems like the only time I enjoy myself socially these days is when I hang out with Chicago people. A Chicago friend, Lucy, and her boyfriend, Scott, were in town a few weeks back. I met them along with another mutual Chicago friend, Suraiya (and her husband Monsur), and finally, I felt normal. No fronting, no douchebaggery. You could sit around and be yourself. Same thing tonight with the former Chicagoans. Sometimes I hate this place and all of the self-consciousness it instills.

Drawing: You Can't Kill the Rooster. From late 2001, part of the Married to the Sea series. Title inspired by David Sedaris's brother, Paul.


ck said...

wheres the drawing?

move back to chicago already

beebe said...

It took you a year to get those four drawings up on your site.

Get your hearing back already, assbubble.