Thursday, January 31, 2008

Not as long in the studio as I would've liked but long enough. I left early to meet Lucy--she's applying for some thing (free studio space or something) and needed to burn a dvd of an animation. She came over, we download the stuff to my machine and then couldn't figure out how the hell to export just the movie...all of the files kept coming along as well. Set things up ad hoc, burned the dvd, ran to the train, took the R to the E to 34th and dropped the stuff off at the 24 hour post office across from Penn Station. Left Lucy in line while I ran over to Penn Station to use the facilities...holy shit. It was like a Hieronymous Bosch painting in there: lepers and hunchback and owls forcing golden coins down a dwarf's throat. Wow. Back into Queens for some tacos and beer. Put Lucy in a car from New Enrico's and sent her back to Crown Heights.

As usual, walked to the studio today. My latest routine is to stop at the Oh So Good! Deli and pick up a few pieces of kim bop from their buffet. Normally, I desperately avoid any kind of deli buffets...but I feel safe with the kim bop and there's something in that taste combination of the seaweed and the cadmium-yellow daikon that I can't seem to sate lately. I usually get four pieces and a seltzer and walk across to the street the Queens court house and sit on the edge of the fountain in front of the court house. It looks as if the fountain (and surrounding benches) were recent resurface with red-brown granite. It's kind of tacky. But, then again, it is Queens. I should expect nothing less.

There seemed to be some kind of incident on the Pulaski Bridge right around sundown. Over the music, I heard the dull thump of a helicopter. I walked over the window and looked out to see an NYPD car pulled up in front of the gatehouse (?) used for raising and lowering the bridge, with the helicopter turning low circles a few hundred feet overhead. My eyesite isn't super sharp at that distance but it seemed to me that a cop jumped over the concrete wall separating the roadway (where his car was parked) from the sidewalk and then looked down into the water. I didn't see much after that but the helicopter peeled off after another two revolutions; then the cop car pulled away about a minute later and an NYPD boat passed down the Newtown Creek heading for the East River. Tragedy averted, I guess.

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