Sunday, February 10, 2008

Okay, I didn't stay out of the studio today. Afternoon plans with the humans were canceled. Spent the morning polishing off what seems to be (according to Netflix) the last of the Ultraman episodes. Then, the train to the studio (no walking, no excuse really) around noon to cut the drawing off the board and hang it on the wall. After that I cleaned the studio: part of the ritual of finishing a drawing. Swept, stacked up sketchbooks, put reference books away, washed down all of the tables, cleaned all of the brushes and palettes, organized paints and pencils (I tend to develop a nest when I work and all surfaces surrounding the table--tables, floor, palettes, etc.--get smothered with crap.) I also stretched another big sheet of paper. I suppose I'll start all over again tomorrow. Eh.

Left the studio around five to take the E into Manhattan to meet Heather. She's moving to Chicago in a few weeks so we crammed in an evening. Watched the Bourne Condescension (or whatever; the latest one--fine, no complaints but it seems like the first two) and ordered Chinese food. Bottle of Rotari to celebrate her upcoming move to more sociable climes. A long angry fucking wait for the E to take me back to Queens. Up here, download the image, upload the blog and so forth.

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