Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Out last night at Carmine's. Heather is moving back to Chicago, my adopted home. I hope it treats her half as well as it treated me.

Today. Ah, fuck White Plains. Cold, sometimes sunny, sometimes cloudy. Dug into Reitschule on both the ride up and the ride back. I've been convinced this is the perfect song for about 18 months now. However, I'm doubly convinced it's the perfect song for riding commuter trains. Especially right around the 6:20 mark. Buy it if you can (it's available on iTunes), ride a commuter train and get back to me. Okay? If you're taking the Harlem line, make sure you wait until you've passed the Fordham stop before you get into it. Otherwise, it'll lessen the impact.

I went to the studio for a few unproductive hours. Saw both Teddy and Steve; Steve brought beer. Teddy left and I forced Steve to listen to Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On"...although I'm pretty sure he fell asleep. Left the studio, walked to the train and entered the station at 23rd/Ely. A V was parked on the platform with the "Not in Service" sign up. Not 20 feet behind it was an E train. I've never seen two trains so close together...a sure sign of disaster. So I walked the length of the platform, shot up the stairs and exited onto Jackson through the lobby of the CitiBank building (or however they're branding themselves) and walked home from there. As I passed through Queens Plaza, there were dozens of cop cars, ambulances and fire trucks. They all peeled off one by one as I approached so I can't imagine anything too terrible happened.

I caught the very beginnings of the lunar eclipse during the walk home. It was overcast but lightly so. Plenty of thin clouds that dimmed the moon but didn't hide it. Made dinner and read a few things. Went up on the apartment roof twice to catch the eclipse. Beautiful. The first time I can remember the moon looking like it had volume rather than resembling a flat white disk. It was too cold to watch the whole thing but I saw good chunks of it. (I took photos but they all came out like crap.)

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