Monday, February 25, 2008

Walked to and from the studio tonight. I left the apartment around 4:30 and got to soak in the lovely yellow late afternoon light. Only about two hours in the studio tonight, mainly focused on some ceiling rendering. Found a new album to obsess over: Fela Kuti's Live! with Ginger Baker. (I can't seem to figure out if Ginger Baker actually played on the album, however; the Wikipedia entry is kind of vague.) I'm surprised I like it since I've always intensely disliked Cream and that whole psychedelic blues jam junk. Of course, this is nothing like Cream. (Thank God.)

Had an atrocious night's sleep last night. Less than two hours scattered over the whole night. Went to bed after midnight and woke up at 1:23 am and couldn't fall asleep again. I read until 6 am or so with several aborted attempts to doze off. No luck. I had to call in and work from home. I feel like such a burnout when I do this but the commute to White Plains becomes even more excruciating with very little sleep. I wish I could get on top of this insomnia. I'm dreading going to bed tonight and facing the same experience.

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