Thursday, February 21, 2008

Worked from home until the early afternoon. Walked to the studio. Stopped by Oh So Good! to get my kim bap fix. (I am frequently staggered by my ability to adhere to the same routine for weeks, months at a time.) Only about four hours in the studio tonight with a lot of not-working going on...flipping through books, making phone calls, organizing things. Lazy lazy lazy. I'm stalling now. I'm fussing over little details to keep from making a firm commitment to a large chunk of the drawing. I'm excited by the potential for this drawing so I've got to push through that crap. I can't let that happen again tomorrow.

Left the studio at 7 to meet Heather and help her move out some crap out of her apartment that won't make the move to Chicago. I was rewarded with beer and Indian food. Came home to watch Godzilla v. Gigan. Looks pretty terrible so far. I'm very excited.

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ck said...

let's do "squarey bubbles vs assbubbles"