Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Last night after work, I went to the studio. As I've mentioned before, I have to pass through Negar Alley on the way to the building--it's an odd little underpass under an overpass of the LIE and then it (Negar Alley) becomes an overpass over the LIRR. The underpass bit of the Alley has a view into and along the LIRR tracks. There was a familiar sight from last year parked on a spare branch: the railcars for Ringing Bros. circus. The air was filled with the smell of animal dung and straw. Which reminded me: the elephant were going to walk into Manhattan tonight.

The studio is right near the mouth of the Queens Midtown Tunnel--from the roof, you can look right down the throat of the QMT. So Eve and I got up on the roof to watch but then--upon seeing a gathering crowd near the tunnel entrance--we headed down to street level. After about an hour of freezing our asses off, the elephants came. They were cool--elephants are always cool--but there were only six elephants. I don't know what I was expecting...maybe 600 elephants? A tribute to Hannibal crossing the Alps?

Anyway, my photos came out crappy. (Crappily?) I was so busy trying to get a decent photo of the elephants that I didn't really look at them. But it was still kind of cool: pachyderms in Queens.

I also got a picture of the Ringmaster and Douchey the Clown riding in a pickup truck at the head of the phalanx. Why not get out and walk? Where is the leadership?

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ck said...

if you were that clown, youd probably do the same thing.