Saturday, January 31, 2009

Short(er) day at work yesterday. I had to slip out just after two because the gallery was returning all (yes, all) of my work in the afternoon. Luckily (and thankfully), Steve was there to meet the handler and get the stuff off the truck and up to our floor. I spent about an hour shifting stuff around go make space for the work. I think--with Steve and Teddy's help--I'm going to hang the two biggest pieces and maybe three or four of the smaller drawings. This will get them up and off the floor and hopefully keep from ruining the frames.

I'm secretly relieved to have the work back. I'm not excited about having to store this much work but these some of these drawings date back to fall 2005 and I haven't really seen any of them up close since the fall of 2006 when they were displayed at Lisa Boyle's. Weird to look at them. I particularly like the two images posted to the left, The Tintinnabulist (with all of the piles of people and melons) and Something Like Tiamat. The Tintinn is one of the rare times when I was able to get something almost right . . . though I think too much of the background of the drawing--the sky and the hills--is dead and needs more detail or something; this drawing proved to be oddly prophetic in real life too and one of those instances when the interior world aligned itself a bit earlier that the external world. Tiamat was one of those drawings that suggests and executes itself in an afternoon and manages to always (to me anyway) look fresh.

Overall, I haven't been drawing or writing on the blog that much. Not sure what's going on. I've having my annual tired-of-the-way-I-draw pique. I'm content to just do whatever. Having the Ape Machine drawings returned to the studio--the work I put together from September 2007 to June 2008--reminds me of just how much work and time goes into this whole drawing process and how exhausting it can be. Currently unmotivated, that's me.

I'm dying to get a few days in the 40s--this is winter is by no means the kind of winter I had to endure in Chicago but it's been steadily below freezing enough to become tiresome.

Dinner tonight at Allison and Dougs with Teddy and Eve. Mmmm, home cooking.

Friday, January 09, 2009

First, Calexico meets the Calexico Taco Cart in NYC. Then I spot the Calexico cart sans Calexico in LIC.

(First photo from Calexico's Flickr account.)