Monday, March 30, 2009

Friday? I can't remember Friday. I think I watched part of the second season of The Wire.

Saturday: a little yoga in the morning and then I ran to the studio for a hot minute before meeting Anaheed and Julie in Chelsea to visit some galleries: Lisa Yuskavage, Dana Schutz, Simon Evans and a few others. Afterward, we stopped by the Westside Tavern for a beer. We split ways and I walked over to a dance performance near Madison Square Park. Saw that with Patricia and then got some Indian food at the Curry Leaf. Great okra and nan but my lamb biriyani was a little oily. Or ghee-y. Couldn't figure out which. I caught the R at 23rd right when it pulled into the station. I was home by 11 or so and decided to push my luck by watching two episodes of The Wire. Finally headed to bed around 1:30a. Not unreasonable time to fall asleep on a weekend, right? Wrong. I quickly nodded off only to wake up again about 15 minutes later. Then I thrashed around until 6 am.

Sunday: Got out of bed around 9a, afraid to sleep any later. Filled up on coffee and made the weekly batch of lentils. I discovered that my external drive had crapped out at some point over the previous 24 hours. So Jason tried to help me figure out what was wrong: calls were made to Charles and Burt (his father) but no amount of troubleshooting seemed to bring my hard drive back to life. I'm going to price out the possibility of data recovery--I could stand to lose most of the stuff (photos, porn, etc.) but what I really need (and which I took off my internal drive) was the 10+ years of my collected design portfolio. So that's a real problem.

Finally walked over to the studio in the drizzle around 130. Drippy, wet, cold. Worked on the drawing for a bit but mainly stalled and dicked around until 7 or so. Then I walked over to some grand opening thing at my yoga studio's other studio in LIC. Steve and his girlfriend Sarah were there--they take the hot yoga at that studio. Anyway, it was kind of a big party maybe 100 people, food and wine and beer, etc. More than a few cute girls--and the ones I made eye contact with and smiled at quickly looked away. A very New York experience. Kind of a disappointing night. But the atmosphere was nice, I suppose. And a big thunderstorm rolled over while I was in there and I could see purple lightening through the windows.

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