Sunday, March 22, 2009

Healthy Brand. My favorite!

I spent most of the morning/afternoon at or near the apartment. I had to get my phone replaced because it was a piece of crap and one of the hinges broke. Verizon replaced it for free but couldn't (as they claimed) transfer over my red-winged blackbird ringtone. I wasn't able to find it again either through a search. I'm a little upset by that. I've settled on a Northern Cardinal ringtone but it's not the same. Fuckers. I also walked up to the shoe repair place and talked to the guy about resole-ing a few pair of old boots. Guess what? He doesn't resole shoes. Wha? It seems to me that resole-ling shoes would be 80% of that guy's business. He suggested I attempt to find a place in the city that does it. But that seems like more trouble than it's worth for a pair of $70 boots. So I'm just going to go out a buy a new pair of boots today--I've walked the heels off the pair I bought in December. All that back and forth between the studio, I guess.

I watched the first few episoes of season two of The Wire and left for the studio around 6. Walked, of course. Arrived and worked for a few hours. Etc.

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