Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I left work at lunch yesterday to hit the X-PRESS DMV on 8th and 34th. In and out in less than 45 minutes. Back to work. Then home to make myself and early dinner to make up for the lunch I missed while at the DMV. After dinner, I walked over to the studio. (Surprise.) Sat and read and sketched a few things, drank a few beers and listened to the ubiquitous podcasts--a few episodes of the Sound of Young America. Teddy came in and we had a burrito and we chatted about his ex-fiance's memoir. Overall, it's bad book and the author chose the weirdest possivle narrative point of view: 2nd person. This allows the subject/narrator to say things like, "Your lithe body moves across the floor with your taut belly exposed in a crescent between the bottom of your turquoise tank top and your long hippy skirt." The lauguage is tepid and the pacing sluggish. Best thing? There lots and lots of irrelevant injections of chick-lit-y passages about shoes, outfits, food, cute boys and karaoke. Gosh! How fun, girlfriend! Teddy's mom summed it up best with the following condemnation: it's boring. Really, really boring. (I'd link to her/it (the book) but I don't want to encourage the author in anyway.) Anyway, Teddy and I listened to Fela Kuti's Confusion/Gentleman and then I walked home.

Today: I had to leave work at 9:30a to run down to Williamsburg to pick up some of my drawings. They'd been dropped off another artist's studio instead of returned directly to me. That was a complete pain in the ass. Got back to work around noon.


Top: the magnolia on our block is starting to blow. I'm hoping to remember to take a photo every morning until it pops completely.

Bottom: these weird, wavy sculptures (?) are showing up over the recently replaced subway grates along the R/V lines here in Queens. It only seems to have hit the line from Northern Blvd just out of Queensborough Plaza and also along Steinway.


robin said...

aren't they benches?

beebe said...

Yeah, I think they're supposed to be benches. I did a search right after I posted and found an online article about the benchy-qualities of these things. However, who wants to sit on benches along Northern Blvd. There is nothing about that street that invites sitting. Also--in several months of passing along them--I can only think of three or four times when I actually saw someone sitting on the things. (Along Steinway between 34th and Broadway and, again, along Broadway toward 46th.) Otherwise, not a lot of sitting.