Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Did I mention there were horses, too?

After work Tuesday: in to the city to pick up a check from Lyons Wier Ortt--they sold the Ape Machine drawing a few weeks back (I'm positive I already mentioned but I'm too lazy to go back and double check. I'll simple repeat myself.) Got the check (grateful, thank you), dropped it in the Chase at 5th and 14th and then went to my weekly appointment in Union Square. Left and went to the studio. Exited one stop before the studio to fetch a six pack and a bag of pretzels. Teddy was in there when I arrived and we had a few beers and listened to some music--Antony and the Johnsons and the Fleet Foxes. (I'm still largely indifferent to both of them but I could possible see maybe possibly slightly enjoying the former.)

After an hour or so, Teddy and I left, walked back to his place to get his car and headed into Greenpoint to pick up a birthday present. Then we got dinner at Five Leaves. Pretty decent little place--an oddly-shaped room and the corner of a five-cornered intersection with a lovely crescent curve of a copper and zinc bar, lots of faux-weathered wood, etc. The bartender was watching over a turntable and spinning the Eddie Harris / Les McCann album Swiss Movement. It was a nice place but--like most places in Brooklyn--it's tough to overlook the highly-polished "genuine" affect and the bales of ironic facial hair from the young Bonnie "Prince" Billy devotees. We split the baked white bean & white anchovy brandade and had a beer each. Teddy suggested the Five Leaves burger . . . so one for the each of us: grass fed beef, fried pineapple ring, housemade pickled beets, harissa mayo, sunny up egg with a salad or fries. Unfortunately, I'd eaten too many pretzels at the studio so I wasn't performing with my customary gustatory skill. I managed to get down the burger--it wasn't particularly huge but that fried egg really put it over the top--but couldn't make a dent in the fries. (And I didn't understand a salad was an option--I would've gone green-and-leafy had I known.) The meal was great: I'd like to return in the spring with a much heartier appetite. Oh, and with a woman instead of Teddy. Sorry, man. But thanks for introducing me to Five Leaves! Hell, yeah.

Anyway. We hauled our corpulent assess off the barstools and drove back into Queens. Teddy dropped me off at the apartment and I was in bed by 11.

After work yesterday: uneventful. Home for an episode of The Wire, yoga, then dinner and another episode of The Wire and a late call to Britt.

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Calista said...

Horses? Okay, NOW you have my attention.