Monday, April 13, 2009

Friday . . . hubbubbubbub. What did I do on Friday? Nothing probably. A gin gimlet or two and season 3 of The Wire, I think. In bed early.

Saturday: not much better. Gray rain kept me in for almost the entire day. The roommate came home around 5 and I left. Downstairs and out into the colorless curd of cloud and velutinous late afternoon sun. The usual walk to the studio. On the way I pickup up a comically large turkey-and-swiss-on-croissant sandwich and some chips and had an early dinner at the studio. Teddy came in and we chatted and I eventually went back over to my space and read the journals of Lewis & Clark for an hour or so. Gabriel stopped in for a bit on his way home: he's working on a set of frames for someone. Teddy washed his brushes out and we walked out together. Usual walk home.

Sunday: up early and to the grocery. All of that jazz. Back, unpack, wash, chop, cook, whatever. Got the week's food together. Took a walk around to some resale shops later in the morning to find some old kids books--I was looking for material to use cut out and use in little collages. (I've do this every three or four years. Purchase a bunch of books, spent hours poring over them, tearing out pages and excising images with an exacto knife. They I shuffle this components around a bit, never really get any momentum and then dump all of the little things in a cigar box and forget about them. Then I toss them 10 or 18 months later. I think I do this kind of thing just to keep my hands busy in the studio during dry times.) So I picked up the books and wander-walked them over to the studio. I spent a few hours cutting out little things and listening to podcasts. Then left to get a sandwich, chips and a six pack. Came back, ate, had a few and then managed to read about three-quarters of Cormac McCarthy's The Road. It's a great book even if Oprah did manage to smear her book club label all over it. Grim and gray, with the language stripped down to largely incomplete (yet utterly lucid) sentence fragments. Walked home and made dinner--sauteed green chard with garlic and a grilled haloumi cheese sandwich and managed to finish the final quarter of The Road. Bed for a fitful, thready sleep.

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