Friday, April 24, 2009

I met Suraiya last night around 6 pm near west 4th. We got a delicious mushroom and truffle oil pizza (I'd like to the restaurant's page but I can never remember the name of the place, I only know it by site) and then walked over to NYU for life broadcast of This American Life, the one that they were simultaneously broadcasting in theaters all over the country. (Suraiya was supposed to go with her husband, Monsur, but he had to fly out to CA for some Google stuff. So I filled in.)

Good show with a particularly moving story by Dan Savage about the death of his mother. Went to the afterparty with Ira and Ana, and had a few beers at a few bars and some good talks with various new and interesting people. A superb night, overall.

(Photo courtesy of Suraiya's daily photo blog.)


julie said...

Ummm, can you rewrite this and mention me in it?

beebe said...

No, I can't. Sorry. These word are written in digital stone. No going back.

But, hey, thanks for letting us cut in line with you.

CBrownColors said...

I'm a huge Dan Savage fan and a fan of NPR I hope this comes through Boston sometime.