Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Saturday: Made it over to the studio around 5. On the way there, I got a call from Teddy: they (he and Bill) were going to record some tracks in the studio. So I picked up a six pack on the way . . . I thought I'd chip in, why not? So we say and sipped and Ted and Bill fooled around with the levels and the reverb and all of that. They left to meet Bill's wife and kids for dinner and I took opportunity to stretch some paper. They came back around 10 and got to work. Weird, oogy, chords on the keyboard and long, sandpapery strips of drone produced od an odd two-stringed, square-bodied instrument from Mongolia. I stuck around until midnight or so and then walked home.

Sunday: up at 6 am (oh god). Did some stuff around the apartment (can't remember what) and left for the studio around 10 am or so. Took the longest possible walk to the studio. During the walk, I passed a music video shoot--lots of taut, pretty women, a fake elevator set and a big wooden broken heart painted magenta. Up the six flights of stairs to the studio. Teddy and Bill were there, along with Bill's wife Loretta and his two kids, Eleanor and Naomi. They left and Teddy helped me hang a few drawing for a studio visit from Ombretta and Rena. Teddy took off to build a fence in his back yard and O and R stopped in for a visit and picked some work to take to a show in a few weeks. Then I left, picked up a steak burrito, and walked over to watch Teddy put up the fence in his backyard while I ate. Lovely day, 65 and utterly cloudless, sun. We listened to Miles Davis for a hour (He Loved Him Madly and Recollections from the On the Corner and Bitches Brew boxsets, respectively) or so and then switched to Fela Kuti. There was a cardinal flitting around the rows of backyards--a red speck of motion--and making his spring calls. I happen to have the call of a cardinal as a ringtone so I pissed off the little guy by letting fly with the ringtone every ime he started up. He flitted about, chipping in annoyance. Teddy had to get ready for a visit so I left and too a long walk down Vernon Blvd and returned to the studio. I climbed to the roof with the camping chair and read The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (illustrated by Gustave Dore!) until the sun set.

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