Sunday, April 26, 2009

Saturday: rode over to the studio around 1 pm--lovely day, hot, sunny, 86--dropped the bike off and headed into Chelsea to see Picasso show. The line was too long--I'll go back when the summer Fridays kick in next week. I started to wander over to Madison Square Park for a sit . . . when I saw a Sikh. And then another. And then four or five. And then a few entire families. Sikh Day Parade! I accidently ran into this last year after returning from the NY Botanical Garden with Dorothy--free food, man. Free food. It was a bit late in the afternoon for get the samosas but I did get a few big plates of basmati rice, sag paneer and whatever that chick pea dish is. I also got a plastic cup filled with a pink liquid--it looked like institutional hand soap but tasted mildly sweet (and not soapy) and was very refreshing. Wedged my way into/out of the crowd and found a empty patch of wrought iron fence and leaned and ate and looked at the stunning Indian ladies. Ditched my greasy plate in the trash and walked up to Grand Central Station, got on the 7 and got off at Vernon Blvd. Six pack of Tecate and some pretzels. Work on a few little things (see last post for images) and then rode down to the Second Chance Saloon in Williamsburg for Eve's birthday party. Had a single beer, sat and chatted for an hour or so and then rode back home. Showered. Bed.

Sunday: up early, yoga, a meandering ride to the studio. Windows open and tv and dvd set up in Eve's studio to watch Synecdoche, NY. Eh. Interesting. Kind of like Kafka's The Trial or The Castle. After, I dicked around for a bit. Teddy showed up and we rode down to the Diamond Bar to meet Steve and Bradley for beers. Then back to Teddy's for a cookout in the backyard.

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