Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I ducked out of work a little early to head down to Canal Plastics--I wanted to get some frosted/translucent plexiglass. I would use this plexi to block the passthroughs from the kitchen to my newly renovated bachelor pad. I left early to hopeful avoid the storms rolling in from NJ--the storm looked violent on the internet radar and seemed awful threatening in person. (See photo.) I took the N straight to Canal and hit the street--the storm still hadn't broken but the air was heavy and the light gray and watery.

(Climbing to the street gave me a shivering flashback to my first six months here in NYC when I got a work-study job at Art In General though school. Christ, what a bad job. After four or five years working as a designer and teacher and having some kind of actual responsiblity, I was an intern at an art gallery. I ran errands. Cleaned 20+ years of magazine, paperwork and promotional material from the back room. Swept. Performed some data entry. All at $9/hr. The benefit of the job was that no one watched me with a particularly sharp eye--the gallery was split over several floors so it was easy to make myself scarce. Also, most people didn't seem to care what I did as long as I didn't bother them while they were online shopping. So I would slip take 2-3 hour "lunches" on Saturday afternoon. I'd amble about up and down the weird stinky streets of Chinatown/Little Italy. I'd drop in those weird Japanese candy stores with fried, sugar-coated baby crabs, Vietnamese sandwich places, dumpling houses, odd storefront places that sell various kinds of jerked meat, etc. Sometimes I'd eat, sometimes not. Once, I even walked into Brooklyn on the Brooklyn Bridge and back into Manhattan on the Manhattan Bridge. In retrospect, it wasn't that bad I guess. Also, another pleasing thing about these long Saturdays at AIG? They had case after case of Boru vodka and club soda in those backrooms I was asked to tidy and shovel out. It wasn't unusual to pour a few throughout the course of a dirty day. Refreshing.)

Anyway. Off the N to Canal. I had to walk west from Canal to Wooster--not a far walk by any means but, of course, the streets were clotted with tourist, idiots and mouthbreathers. So most of that walk was complete in the street. Into Canal Plastics where I was promptly ignored for about ten minutes. Finally acknowledged, I put in an order for the two pieces of plexi I needed: they'd be ready in 30 minutes. And I had to pee. Do you know where you can easily pee in Soho? That's right, the Apple store. So I walked up Greene to Prince as the rain started to let you know is was coming--a few splips turned into a heavy splatter by the time I hit the front door of the Apple store. Upstairs, peed, and a wander about the store. Eh. I think I'm going to get one of those new iMacs soon . . . my machine is old (late 2004--before the Intel chip even) and it's slow, and I think the addition of the iMac would totally swank out the new bachelor pad. But I'm wondering if I should put it off until the fall when the new machines are released and then see if I can't get a cheaper, older overstock iMac at Tekserve. We'll see.

I got bored in the Apple Store so I ducked out into the rain and parked myself under some scaffolding across the street and just watched stuff. What the storm lacked in thunder and lightning, it made up for with torrential rain. The rain was absolutely unending. Until it ended about 20 minutes later. One of the street vendors in front of me packed her goods in a van and--after swaddling herself in huge Target bags--then thoughtfully scrubbed down her dirty white van with a brush, using the rain to sluice off the filth. I gave the rain another 10 minutes or so to dust off its hands and move away and then headed back to Canal Plastics. I picked up the goods and headed home. Unloaded the plexi, watched Jeopardy with the roommate and then walked to Home Depot to find some kind of fasteners to hold the plexi up. I settled of some kind of big, wingnut-type thing. Headed back home and spent an hour or so hanging the plexiglass. It's looks a little cheapo but I don't really have any kind of fabrication skills and a lot of the elements of this old apartment are ad hoc enough to not make me fret too much.

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