Tuesday, June 02, 2009

I was feeling pretty cocky there for a bit. Maybe thinking I could draw or something. I tried to create a cabin/cottage for the character in the previous post. It was based on this image I found while googling stone houses/cottages. I liked the idea of building a structure into pre-existing rock formation. I wasn't trying to replicate the image but rather improvise around it. I'd say this drawing is a total failure. I've got no idea how to render stone in this crosshatching style. (I should probably look at using brush and ink, wet on wet, something like that.) The stovepipe was a success however. Kinda.

Left work, went home and made dinner: lamb chop and some sauteed broccoli. Then took the train to the studio. Messed up a piece of bristol board with this failed drawing. Then Rose came with with drinks--Jim Beam and sprite with simple syrup and a generous squeeze of lemon juice. She's okay in my book. Leisurely bike ride home. Shower, bed.

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