Monday, June 01, 2009

Out early and slow, discursive ride to the studio. Work on another postcard. I finished up the last of the Nemo postcards on Saturday so now I'm working on bristol board cut to the same dimensions. (I'm going to scan the cards at work from now on . . . the photos I shoot are shitty.) Left around 3:30 and took the train into the city. I met Kempin at the totally unrelaxing Horace Greeley Park at 32nd and Broadway. Walked over to Woorijip for some goods and then a picnic in Madison Square Park. We ate on the Jessica Stockholder stage and watched kids run climb and run around us. Nasty little beasts. Small caterpillars attacked us from the tree above. We were threatened by rain but those threats were empty. (I guess the Stockholder thing is, technically, not a stage. Forgive me for thinking a raised platform was a stage.)

After a leisurely chat, Kempin and I split and I met Mira at the Film Forum to see Akira Kurosawa's Rashomon. Fantastic movie and not nearly the three-hour epic I was expecting. I thought I'd seen it before but I was mistaken. Toshiro Mifune was amazing as the bandit but I can never watching him without thinking of John Belushi's Samurai Warrior--that kind of dampens the effect for me. The scene with the medium channeling the dead samurai was one-third corny to two-thirds genuinely creepy. The contortions, whirling and rictus expressions won out of the not-quite-matched lipsynching of the female medium with the shouting-in-a-tin-bucket voice of the dead, male samurai.

After the movie, Mira and I walked over to Washington Square Park (a very park-filled day) and had a sit in the late gloaming and talked. Home and in bed.

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