Saturday, June 20, 2009

Turquoise couch (and white table/desk) was delivered yesterday around 11 am. I ran home from the office and let the guys in. Held the door open for them when appropriate but otherwise felt useless. Tipped them and set to assembling the couch (which involved screwing on six study metal legs.) Assemble the table. Pushed things around a bit but found there was really only one arrangement that would work. So. There you go. (Do you like how some yukaluk painted my floor brown at some point? Lovely.)

I'm also thinking of getting this uncut sheet of Wacky Packages framed. I bought these on eBay back in '99 or '00 when I was drunk with the money from my first adult job.

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Allison Hester said...

I have never bought anything that cool while Drunken-ebaying....jealous. I have a lunch box full of wacky packages....soooo wacky!